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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 28, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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mother nature causing commuter delays all over the bay area, leaving hundreds of people without power. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. we do have wall-to-wall coverage. barbara dell is at the windiest spot. the summit on highway 19. and christie smith, live at the bay bridge toll plaza, talking to frustrated drivers and checking on those flight delays but the woman of the hour, cristina loren is here in san jose outside the studio, with what happened and what is still to come, good morning, christina. >> hey, good morning to you, marla. we recontrolled roles, if you were on the summit earlier today and now, i'm live in san jose. san jose, you have not even felt the brunt of this storm. that is the case along the peninsula. it looks like the north face has
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been slammed the hardest. but what i can tell you about these shower, they are definitely steady and we're also getting very steady wind gusts from time to time making it hard to hold on to the umbrella. let's talk about where the showers are currently position and what's to come. right now, the front is primarily draped over the east bay and extends all the way southward to the santa cruz mountainses. i want to talk about some of the substantial wind gusts so far. as you may well know, this is now the windiest point of this storm system. 66 miles per hour, so far, clocked in el diablo la scatis, and 43 miles per hour. it's very unusual for san francisco to get wind gusts at 45 miles per hour and that was the case today. now that our grounds are all right saturated, we're expected more localized flooding because we're not going to have a whole lot of dryout time between now and the second system. we will get several dry breaks
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as we head through the next five or six days but what i can tell you, they are not going to last long. and the man who knows all about how the highways have been impacted by the first storm system is our very own mike inoue. good morning. >> good morning, you're dealing with the elements. the elements, of course, the wind and rain. 280/880 interchange. the traffic much lighter but look at all the water conducting up on the southbound underneath the interchange. starting to thin out here. pal toe at together, a tough drive right now, 101, with water on the roadway, it's sitting there as cars drive through it, a big, big risk, of hydroplaning. farther north on the map, green and blue where there's ponding
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and puddling. we're watching the areas heading into san mateo. folks are heading into that blue area there, the tougher weather and coming off the san mateo bridge as well. also, the north bay has had a tough one. thinning out now. south of nevada, you get into weather here, and that richmond bridge has had a wind advisory as well. we head over to the san mateo bridge for the drive and then a quick check of the bay bridge as well, where the back of toll plaza, you see oakland and the soupy conditions. now christina is there at the toll plaza. christi, our commuters never at a loss when it comes to commenting on your drives or flights. what did you find out? >> reporter: good morning, i it tell you i haven't taken this jacket off or hood for almost four hours. we are at the toll plaza. i want to step aside so you can
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see what's going on here. you can see the backup, but you see the panoramic where it extends all the way from the flyover to emery. drivers tell us what it would normally take, you just double that time. if you're flying, you're going to say major delays, too. nothing like a storm to slow down the commute. bobby edwards felt lucky to make it to emeryville. where did you come from? >> it was terrible. traffic was terrible. >> reporter: how long did it take you? >> almost an hour to get here this morning. >> reporter: how long would that normally take? >> not even 25 or 30 minutes. >> reporter: and he hasn't made it to the bay bridge yet where high winds added to the delay. he says this is the busy season. >> we have a lot more calls. it's almost double the volume and most of it is all freeway and off-ramp situations. >> reporter: we tried to ask him more questions, but -- >> i don't know if i got one.
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>> reporter: back on the road. and san francisco international airport, well, the picture wasn't much better. >> we've seen about 16 cancellations thus far today. primarily on short-haul flights. this will help mitigate some of the delays we experience today. >> reporter: the biggest impacts was on the west coast for arrivals and departures. this woman was delayed ten hours to las vegas where she really doesn't get to fuss. >> did they say why? >> weather conditions, but i just see rain and i'm from london and the uk so that means nothing for me. so i don't quite understand. >> reporter: and we're back here live at the toll plaza. we've been keeping an eye on the flags this morning. it is still windy this morning, although not as windy as it was. we're dealing with one or the other. the wind or the rain. right now it seems to be the rain. when we last checked in it was about 60 cancellations. i just checked in. now, they're saying closer to 63 cancellations at sfo.
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you saw that one woman, her delay is ten hours. but before we go, i want to show you what the ground looks like here at the toll plaza. it is just coming down and has been dumping here for maybe the last five, ten minutes. so as you head out, this is what it's like. reporting live at the bay bridge toll plaza, i'm christie smith. i'll send it back to san jose. >> kristi, get inside and have hot chocolate. christina loren telling us about the windy conditions. >> and bobby barrett is out there. you're getting pummeled it looks like? >> he's a warrior. >> reporter: yeah, it's a lot of fun out here. it's absolutely miserable. good morning to you, jon and marla here. on top of highway 17, santa cruz mountains. you've got poor visibility, i'm sure you can see the highway or road, not for lacking of rain. we're certainly seeing some
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wind. if you look to the left, you can see the tree trtops where they' blustery about. and the two agencies that matter the most when conditions get bad up here. of course, i'm refers to chp and caltran. caltran's tree trimmers are here and we've seen them on patrol. and the road workers are clearing drains up and down the highway 17 in anticipation of problems this rain will create. we've also seen several chp cruisers on patrol and setting up speed traps. they're really trying to get people to slow down saying the road conditions are too wet. they're advising drivers to actually go slower than 50 miles an hour when it's raining like this, especially when you consider the hazards unique to the santa cruz mountains. >> those are the dangers you're dealing with. every time you come around one of those blind corners there
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could be a tree across the road there could be an accident, rocks or trees across the road. >> reporter: so be aware? >> yeah, everybody should be aware. >> reporter: are there any reported calls right now? >> other than that driver that just tore past me at 70 miles an hour. >> reporter: do you have to go. >> yeah, i should probably go after him. >> reporter: there goes the officer heading south on highway 17 after that speeder. we're not quite sure if he ever caught up with that person. another thing they're saying, when the rain stops, psychologically as a driver, you think, it's okay, i can go normal highway speeds again. but they point out, that's when a lot of the accidents happen because people forget the roads are still wet. they'll see several accidents here after the rain stops. and here we are, one that i was referring to, starting to pick up again, on top of lovely
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highway 17 summit here in the santa cruz mountains. reporting live, bob redell. >> bob, thank you very much. johnny on the spot. from the peninsula to the east, a solidness of cities offering a free sandbag for different locations. contra costa county residents can pick them up at byron, antioch, and martinez. menlo park, two locations, one onn ana onnalmachlt, and the other at pope and don't forget that the sand is free, but don't forget a shovel to put it in the bag. >> these photos were sent from san jose. you can share your pictures or video on twitter or inthat gram. hughes #nbcbayarea. our storm watch coverage
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continues all morning and all day long. meteorologist christina loren is tracking the story. she'll be back with the complete forecast and any changes. gillroy police on the lookout for the suspects they say opened fire on a home with a 4-month-old baby inside. this all happened near the corner of west tenth street and westview drive after midnight. police say they shot at an empty car and then fired inside the house. we're told eight people were inside that home, including, of course, that 4-month-old baby. at this hour, still unclear if anybody was hurt. but the police do say the shooting appears to be gang-related. they're looking for a red honda civic. anybody is asked to call gillroy police department. and a teen accused of a crime spree that killed one man
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will be tried as an adult. jon muledro, police say muledro and banks robbed four businesses this month. they also allegedly shot at a police officer. still ahead at 11:00, as we give you a live look outside, that is san rafael traffic moving just fine, so far on highway 101, our coverage of the bay area continues. how about this, major league baseball's home run king serving up some controversy today. will he soon be calling cooperstown home? president obama continues to meet with ceos, but is their policy at display as well? we'll take a look in business news.
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francisco right now, here's say live look. transamerica pyramid. cloud cover, rain all over the bay area. a lot more to come, including power outages and fallen trees. and meteorologist christina loren will have a complete weather update for you. in washington, d.c., the president meeting with corporate executives today discuss that fiscal cliff. scott mcgrew got on the silicon valley's name. >> president obama has met with many ceos, and while lots of ceos have experience and wisdom to lend him, got to see this in a bit of a political light as well. melissa meyer, for instance, is brilliant but probably knows very little about public policy. she's an engineer, so the president getting advice, but drumming up support among the powerful for his version of what we should do about the cliff. myers spoke in a fortune
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magazine clip last night. her secret, she says, is prioritizing, she referred to green bay packers vince lombardi's three priorities, god, family and the packers. >> for me, it's god, family and yahoo! in that order. >> why the packers comparison? meyer drew up in wasaw, wisconsin. we go back to the summit on highway 17 and check in with bob redell with the wind conditions there. bob, luke soaked? >> reporter: yeah, it's slightly wet up here. we've got a break, that's one thing that chp is pointing out just because the rain has stopped, you know the roads are still wet. psychologic psychologically, the drivers think hey i don't see rain on my
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windshield, so i'll go back to highway speeds and that's when the accidents happen. you've got the wet roads and poor visibility and the visibility has gotten worse in the past ten minutes. looks like we've got an inversion layer coming in here. especially on highway 17 which is unique because we're in the mountains this is where the ground is saturated that we'll start seeing things like mud and rocks pushing its way on the road and the possibility of trees coming down. we're looking at treetops. again at the summit of highway 17 in santa cruz mountains. one of the elements that meteorologist christina loren said is going to see one of the highest winds i can attest to that, you see it on the road itself. caltran has been out here this morning. we've seen workers unclogging drains in anticipation of a lot of rain. and chp, too, they've got speed traps and they've got patrolling out here just trying to get
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people to slow down. like that person right there. maybe they're going the speed limit. chp says even in these conditions, the speed limit is too fast. reporting live on top of the summit in the santa cruz mountain, bob redell. >> good thing, bob has water repellent hair gel. there are scattered outages in the bay area. totaling 1840 homes left without power due to all the rain and very strong winds. we're expecting those numbers to increase over the coming days. >> well, christina loren, you called it, you said this is going to be a series of storms. this is storm number one. >> i'll talk more about that right now. what i hate to tell you guys is, this is actually the weaker of the three systems coming through, in terms of the rainfall that we are expecting. we had really significant rainfall totals expected through the coming days but this one is the wind event. you can definitely see that is the case. we saw this live picture. dierry conditions, our camera is shaking high atop san bruno.
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and over top of hamilton, we clocked wind gusts of 80 miles per hour. hurricane force wind gusts in the bay area. you want to travel cautiously as the winds are stronger than they have been all day. from noon to 3:00 p.m., the winds are going to calm down but rather gusty from time to time. to say 25-mile-per-hour winds in oakland, 20 in navarro, and san jose, the current radar shows the bulk of the moisture from the east shore through the santa cruz mountains, you're getting a very strong line of showers and thunderstorms. as we progress throughout the day that will continue to dig to the south. san jose, that's going to get out as we head through the next 20 to 30 minutes. you can see we're getting a little bit of a lull. nothing behind this moisture which is pushing onshore. but time-out, what is to come, because there's two more potent systems on the heels of this one.
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starting at 3:00 p.m., starting to drive out to about 3:00 p.m. on thursday. nonetheless, we'll see off and on spotty showers. then the bulk of the moisture from the next system arrives just in time for the rush on friday morning. so it's going to be another rough drive on friday. and that system is not the strongest. it's the third system that we're concentrating on. we call it an atmospheric river. if that is the case, we're talking totals upwardses of seven to eight inches. right now, we have about an inch on the ground in the places that picked up the most rain so far. we'red aing an additional six inches as we head through sunday with lingering showers through monday. so it all working out like this. the sun will come back out. we're going to have to wait for that. friday into saturday, we're as talking about very high surf. not likely for the mavericks, but conditions could actually be good enough for them to get out there and start that competition. like i said, not likely but there is a window.
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conditions have to be downright perfect. we're watching for that. as we head through sunday, the heaviest rainfall arrives, by monday starting to clear out and then the sun returns for tuesday. you're getting your windshield wipers and your umbrella a healthy workout. jeff rainier will have the latest tonight. >> busy, very busy, as you have been all day as well. well, coming up at 11:00, barry bonds is back in the national spotlight. we'll let you know about what's sure to be a very polarizing subject for weeks to come. coming up next, it's "30 rock" followed by "access hollywood live." at 1:00, watch "days of our lives." on nbc bay area.
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some democratic senators calling for an investigation, wants some answers for that major spike in gas prices that
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happened between may and october. six senators, including dianne feinstein and barbara boxer, they want to know what oil refineries role played. analysts say a list of refinery problems including fighter at that richmond chevron refinery are to blame by this. the senators at this point not completely buying that story. less than a month after they rejected the soda tax in richmond, a berkeley city councilwoman wants her city to give it way. the counselwoman urged the city to consider putting added tax on swedened drinks sold in the city. she says the money raised from the tax can go to support youth education and health programs. voters in richmond overwhelmingly rejected measures and which would have placed a one cent tax on every soda sold. okay.
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when we come back, barry bonds, the baseball giant back in headlines.
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okay. let the debate begin. is he in or is he out? major league baseball announced that the all-time home run leader, also a bay area native, barry bonds is on the 2013 hall of fame ballot. and it stirred up a little bit of controversy. >> yeah, for a lot of years, fans have been arguing whether barry bonds, and sammy sosa actually belong on that hall of fame. it's well-known that former giants slugger along with sosa and clements, they've had their careers tainted by steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. so far, no one tied with the steroids era has received enough votes for the hall of fame. but bonds should be a test for the association and a stamp on players who are presumed guilty of steroids.
11:27 am
>> bonds is not only the all-time home run leader, but a record seven-time mvp. the much awaited results will be announced january 9th. players need to be listed on 75% of the ballots, in order to gain induction. >> going to be interesting to watch that with that asterisk that people are putting there, kind of liar a scarlet letter. >> thanks so much for being with us. joyce, tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. watch the roads. >> a live look at the bay bridge out there. krif tina loren says stay safe. >> bye.
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